CD4-independent binding of SIV gp120 to rhesus CCR5.

  title={CD4-independent binding of SIV gp120 to rhesus CCR5.},
  author={Kathleen A. Martin and Richard Wyatt and Michael Farzan and Hyeryun Choe and Luisa Marcon and Elizabeth Desjardins and James Robinson and Joseph Sodroski and Craig Gerard and Norma P. Gerard},
  volume={278 5342},
CCR5 and CD4 are coreceptors for immunodeficiency virus entry into target cells. The gp120 envelope glycoprotein from human immunodeficiency virus strain HIV-1(YU2) bound human CCR5 (CCR5hu) or rhesus macaque CCR5 (CCR5rh) only in the presence of CD4. The gp120 from simian immunodeficiency virus strain SIVmac239 bound CCR5rh without CD4, but CCR5hu remained CD4-dependent. The CD4-independent binding of SIVmac239 gp120 depended on a single amino acid, Asp13, in the CCR5rh amino-terminus. Thus… CONTINUE READING


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