CD4 expression in neurons of the central nervous system.

  title={CD4 expression in neurons of the central nervous system.},
  author={Boubaker Omri and Patricia Crisanti and F A Alliot and Marie C Marty and J Rutin and C. Levallois and Alain Privat and Bernard Pessac},
  journal={International immunology},
  volume={6 3},
CD4 is a member of the Ig gene super family expressed on the surface of many thymocytes and of a subset of T lymphocytes. Human CD4 is the receptor for HIV envelope glycoprotein gp120. Human and mouse CD4 transcripts are expressed in human and mouse central nervous system (CNS), but no corresponding proteins have been reported yet. We have analyzed mRNA expression and carried out immunological experiments on adult mouse brain with probes specific for the long and short CD4 transcripts and with… CONTINUE READING