CD4+ T cells can protect APC from CTL-mediated elimination.

  title={CD4+ T cells can protect APC from CTL-mediated elimination.},
  author={Scott N Mueller and Claerwen M Jones and Angus T. Stock and Mark Suter and William R Heath and Francis Robert Carbone},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={176 12},
Professional APC play a central role in generating antiviral CD8(+) CTL immunity. However, the fate of such APC following interaction with these same CTL remains poorly understood. We have shown previously that prolonged Ag presentation persists in the presence of a strong CTL response following HSV infection. In this study, we examined the mechanism of survival of APC in vivo when presenting an immunodominant determinant from HSV. We show that transferred peptide-labeled dendritic cells were… CONTINUE READING


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