CD19−CD45low/−CD38high/CD138+ plasma cells enrich for human tumorigenic myeloma cells

  title={CD19−CD45low/−CD38high/CD138+ plasma cells enrich for human tumorigenic myeloma cells},
  author={Dong-Hyun Kim and Christopher Y Park and Bruno Campelo Medeiros and Irving L Weissman},
Multiple myeloma is a hematological neoplasm characterized by the accumulation of clonal plasma cells in the bone marrow. Its frequent relapse following achievement of clinical remissions implicates the existence of therapy-resistant myeloma-initiating cells. To date, results on the identity of myeloma-initiating cells have differed. Here, we prospectively identified a myeloma-initiating population by fractionating and transplanting patient bone marrow cells into human bone-bearing… CONTINUE READING
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