CD14+CD33+ myeloid cell-CCL11-eosinophil signature in ulcerative colitis.

  title={CD14+CD33+ myeloid cell-CCL11-eosinophil signature in ulcerative colitis.},
  author={Maria Lampinen and Amanda Waddell and Richard Ahrens and Marie Carlson and Simon P Hogan},
  journal={Journal of leukocyte biology},
  volume={94 5},
This study tested the hypothesis that eotaxins (CCL11, CCL24, and CCL26) and IL-5 contribute to eosinophil recruitment to the intestine in UC and that intestinal macrophages are important producers of CCL11 in this disease. Peripheral blood and rectal biopsy samples were obtained from patients with active (n=18) and quiescent UC (n=9), and control patients (n=7). Eosinophil and macrophage levels and activation were analyzed by flow cytometry. Rectal mRNA levels of CCL11, CCL24, CCL26, and IL-5… CONTINUE READING

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