CD133+CD44+ Population Efficiently Enriches Colon Cancer Initiating Cells

  title={CD133+CD44+ Population Efficiently Enriches Colon Cancer Initiating Cells},
  author={PhD Naotsugu Haraguchi and Masahisa Ohkuma and Hiroyuki Sakashita and Shinji Matsuzaki and PhD Fumiaki Tanaka and PhD Koshi Mimori and PhD Yukio Kamohara and PhD Hiroshi Inoue and PhD FACS Masaki Mori},
  journal={Annals of Surgical Oncology},
Previous reports have demonstrated that CD133+ cells or CD44+ cells might be cancer initiating cells (CIC) of colon cancer. However, the association between the two cell types is unclear. In this study, we evaluated the tumorigenicity of each population of human colon cancer divided by CD133 and CD44 using non-obese diabetic/severe combined immunodeficient (NOD/SCID) mice. Using the colon cancer cell lines HT29 and Caco2 we evaluated the change of expression status of CD133 or CD44 by a… CONTINUE READING