CCR4-associated factor CAF1 is an essential factor for spermatogenesis.

  title={CCR4-associated factor CAF1 is an essential factor for spermatogenesis.},
  author={Cyril Berthet and A R Morera and M. C. B{\'a}rcena Asensio and M. Chauvin and Anne-Pierre Morel and Fr{\'e}d{\'e}rique Dijoud and J Magaud and Philippe Durand and J Rouault},
  journal={Molecular and cellular biology},
  volume={24 13},
The CCR4-associated protein CAF1 has been demonstrated to play several roles in the control of transcription and of mRNA decay. To gain further insight into its physiological function, we generated CAF1-deficient mice. They are viable, healthy, and normal in appearance; however, mCAF1(-/-) male mice are sterile. The crossing of mCAF1(+/-) mice gave a Mendelian ratio of mCAF1(+/+), mCAF1(+/-), and mCAF1(-/-) pups, indicating that haploid mCAF1-deficient germ cells differentiate normally. The… CONTINUE READING
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