CCL5 participates in early protection against Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

  title={CCL5 participates in early protection against Mycobacterium tuberculosis.},
  author={Bridget Vesosky and Erin K Rottinghaus and Paul C. Stromberg and Joanne Turner and Gillian Beamer},
  journal={Journal of leukocyte biology},
  volume={87 6},
Control of M.tb, the causative agent of TB, requires immune cell recruitment to form lung granulomas. The chemokines and chemokine receptors that promote cell migration for granuloma formation, however, are not defined completely. As immunity to M.tb manifests slowly in the lungs, a better understanding of specific roles for chemokines, in particular those that promote M.tb-protective T(H)1 responses, may identify targets that could accelerate granuloma formation. The chemokine CCL5 has been… CONTINUE READING
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