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CCAT-prime Collaboration: Science Goals and Forecasts with Prime-Cam on the Fred Young Submillimeter Telescope

  title={CCAT-prime Collaboration: Science Goals and Forecasts with Prime-Cam on the Fred Young Submillimeter Telescope},
  author={CCAT-Prime collaboration and Manuel Aravena and J. E. Austermann and Kaustuv Basu and Nicholas Battaglia and Benjamin Beringue and Frank Bertoldi and Frank Bigiel and J. Richard Bond and Patrick C. Breysse and C. Broughton and R. V. Iba{\~n}ez Bustos and Scott C. Chapman and Maude Charmetant and S. K. Choi and Dongwoo T. Chung and Susan E. Clark and Nicholas F. Cothard and Abigail Crites and Abha Dev and K. Douglas and Cody J. Duell and Hiizu Ebina and Jochen Erler and Michel Fich and Laura M. Fissel and Simon Foreman and J. Gao and Pablo Garc'ia and Riccardo Giovanelli and Martha P. Haynes and Brandon S. Hensley and Terry Herter and R. D. Higgins and Zachary B. Huber and Johannes Hubmayr and D. Johnstone and C. Karoumpis and Laura C Keating and Eiichiro Komatsu and Y. Li and Benjamin Magnelli and Brenda C. Matthews and Pieter Daniel Meerburg and Joel Meyers and V. Muralidhara and Norman W. Murray and Michael D. Niemack and Thomas Nikola and Yoko Okada and Dominik A. Riechers and Erik W Rosolowsky and A. Roy and Sarah I. Sadavoy and R. Schaaf and Peter Schilke and Douglas Scott and Robert Simon and Adrian K. Sinclair and Gregory R. Sivakoff and Gordon J. Stacey and Amelia M. Stutz and J{\"u}rgen Stutzki and Mehrnoosh Tahani and Karun Thanjavur and Ralf Timmermann and J. N. Ullom and Alexander van Engelen and Eve M. Vavagiakis and Michael R. Vissers and J. Wheeler and Simon D. M. White and Y. Zhu and Bugao Zou},
We present a detailed overview of the science goals and predictions for the Prime-Cam receiver being constructed by the CCAT-prime collaboration for dedicated use on the Fred Young Submillimeter Telescope (FYST). The FYST is a wide-field, 6-m aperture submillimeter telescope being built (first light in late 2023) by an international consortium of institutions led by Cornell University and sited at more than 5600 meters on Cerro Chajnantor in northern Chile. The Prime-Cam receiver is one of two… Expand


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