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CBM, TPM, RCM and A-RCM - A Qualitative Comparison of Maintenance Management Strategies

  title={CBM, TPM, RCM and A-RCM - A Qualitative Comparison of Maintenance Management Strategies},
  author={Deepak Prabhakar and Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Ltd},
Maintenance management strategies have been evolving over time and starting from the concept of Breakdown maintenance, varied strategies like Condition Based Maintenance, Total Productive Maintenance and Reliability Centered Maintenance are in practice. The authors had developed an alternate maintenance strategy – Accelerated Reliability Centered Maintenance specifically for use in process industries. Each of these strategies has distinct advantages as well as a few limitations. The authors… 

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  • Luis Felipe RauM. JamettP. Adasme
  • Computer Science
    2022 IEEE International Conference on Automation/XXV Congress of the Chilean Association of Automatic Control (ICA-ACCA)
  • 2022
A predictive maintenance model for electrical faults through machine learning algorithms that predict and classify the severity of faults in harnesses is generated to determine a CBM (Condition Based Maintenance) model that makes the maintenance program more efficient.

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Improving delivery accuracy by designing an individualised maintenance strategy : A case study at Arla Foods Stockholm dairy



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