CB6F1-rasH2 mouse: overview of available data.

  title={CB6F1-rasH2 mouse: overview of available data.},
  author={Toshimi Usui and Mamoru Mutai and Shigeru Hisada and M Takoaka and Keith A. Soper and Bruce D. McCullough and Carl Alden},
  journal={Toxicologic pathology},
  volume={29 Suppl},
This article presents data from short-term carcinogenicity studies of compounds tested in the CB6F1-rasH2 transgenic mouse as part of the International Life Sciences Institutes' (ILSI) Health and Environmental Sciences' (HESI) Alternative to Carcinogenicity Testing (ACT) project. Additionally, data from other studies that were not conducted as part of the ILSI program, but used comparable or slightly modified protocols, are included here. A significant number (3 of 4) of the genotoxic… CONTINUE READING
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