CASTOR status and evolution

  title={CASTOR status and evolution},
  author={J Fr{\'e}d{\'e}ric Baud and Ben Couturier and Charles Curran and Jean-Damien Durand and Emil Knezo and Stefano Occhetti and Olof B{\"a}rring},
In January 1999, CERN began to develop CASTOR ("CERN Advanced STORage manager"). This Hierarchical Storage Manager targetted at HEP applications has been in full production at CERN since May 2001. It now contains more than two Petabyte of data in roughly 9 million files. In 2002, 350 Terabytes of data were stored for COMPASS at 45 MB/s and a Data Challenge was run for ALICE in preparation for the LHC startup in 2007 and sustained a data transfer to tape of 300 MB/s for one week (180 TB). The… CONTINUE READING

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