CAPTAIN: Comprehensive Composition Assistance for Photo Taking

  title={CAPTAIN: Comprehensive Composition Assistance for Photo Taking},
  author={Farshid Farhat and Mohammad Mahdi Kamani and James Zijun Wang},
  journal={ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications (TOMM)},
  pages={1 - 24}
Many people are interested in taking astonishing photos and sharing them with others. Emerging high-tech hardware and software facilitate the ubiquitousness and functionality of digital photography. Because composition matters in photography, researchers have leveraged some common composition techniques, such as the rule of thirds and the perspective-related techniques, in providing photo-taking assistance. However, composition techniques developed by professionals are far more diverse than… 

Adaptive Photographic Composition Guidance

A saliency-based algorithm for selecting relevant lines from the harmonic armature is described and an evaluation of the system shows that photographers found the proposed adaptive armatures helpful for capturing more well-composed images.

Augmented Reality Based Video Shooting Guidance for Novice Users

This paper proposes ARCAM, an Augmented Reality (AR) based video shooting guidance method for novice users, and visualized the concept of camera movement and embedded it into natural scene to provide real-time guidance.



Intelligent Portrait Composition Assistance: Integrating Deep-learned Models and Photography Idea Retrieval

This work proposes an intelligent framework of portrait composition using deep-learned models and image retrieval methods that detects and extracts ingredients of a given scene representing as a correlated semantic model and gradually optimizes the human pose and other artistic aspects of the composed scene supposed to be captured.

Learning to Photograph: A Compositional Perspective

An intelligent photography system which can recommend the most user-favored view rectangle for arbitrary camera input, from a photographic compositional perspective is presented and an Omni-Range Context method which explicitly encodes the spatial and geometric distributions of various visual elements in the photograph by using generative mixture models is proposed.

Context-Based Photography Learning using Crowdsourced Images and Social Media

This paper presents a photography model based on machine learning which utilizes crowd-sourced images along with social media cues, and proposes the idea of computing the photographic composition basis, eigenrules and baserules, to support the composition learning method.

Context-Aware Photography Learning for Smart Mobile Devices

A photography model based on machine learning which can assist a user in capturing high quality photographs and provides camera motion guidance for pan, tilt and zoom to the user for improving scene composition is developed.

Finding good composition in panoramic scenes

This work proposes to imitate good composition presented in the artworks of professional photographers by analyzing the structural features and the layout of visual saliency of professional photographs by presenting a stochastic search algorithm for finding good views within a panoramic scene.

Detecting Dominant Vanishing Points in Natural Scenes with Application to Composition-Sensitive Image Retrieval

A novel vanishing point detection method that exploits global structures in the scene via contour detection and significantly outperforms state-of-the-art methods on a public ground truth landscape image dataset that is created.

Good View Hunting: Learning Photo Composition from Dense View Pairs

This work presents the first large scale Comparative Photo Composition dataset, which contains over one million comparative view pairs annotated using a cost-effective crowdsourcing workflow, and shows that these comparative view annotations are essential for training a robust neural network model for composition.

Online photography assistance by exploring geo-referenced photos on MID / UMPC

This paper presents a new Location Based Service for photography assistance that consists of three major components, focus of attention modeling, image quality assessment, and camera pose matching, to deal with the geo-referenced photos retrieved from Internet.

Photo and Video Quality Evaluation: Focusing on the Subject

This paper first extracts the subject region from a photo, and then formulate a number of high-level semantic features based on this subject and background division, which achieves a precision of over 95% in a reasonable recall rate for both photo and video assessments.

Real-Time Assistance in Multimedia Capture Using Social Media

  • Y. Rawat
  • Computer Science
    ACM Multimedia
  • 2015
A context-based photography learning method which can assist a user in capturing high quality photographs and home videos and can provide real-time feedback to the user regarding scene composition, camera parameters, camera movement and viewpoint is proposed.