CANDLE: The New Burnup Strategy

  title={CANDLE: The New Burnup Strategy},
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Abstract The new burnup strategy CANDLE (Constant Axial shape of Neutron flux, nuclide densities and power shape During Life of Energy production) is proposed. With this burnup strategy, distributions of fuel nuclide densities, neutron flux, and power density move with the same constant speed and without any change in their shapes. The excess reactivity is constant during the burnup. Therefore, any control mechanisms for the burnup are not required. Calculation procedures are presented to find… 
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Abstract The CANDLE (Constant Axial shape of Neutron flux, nuclide densities and power shape During Life of Energy production) reactor concept was proposed to overcome the disadvantages of current
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Abstract RECENT RESEARCH ACTIVITIES ON CANDLE BURNUP. A new reactor burnup strategy CANDLE (Constant Axial shape of Neutron flux, nuclide densities and power shape During Life of Energy producing
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Simulation Study On CANDLE Burnup Applied To An LBE-Cooled Metallic Fuel Fast Reactor
For a lead bismuth eutectic-cooled metallic fuel fast reactor employing CANDLE burnup strategy, with which the burning region moves along its burnup from top to bottom or bottom to top of the core


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AbstractA conceptual design study of small long-life nuclear power reactors used for a remote or isolated area has been performed. Lead as well as lead-bismuth is employed as the coolant, and both
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The revision work of JENDL-3 has been made by considering feedback information of various benchmark tests. The main revised quantities are the resonance parameters, capture and inelastic scattering
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