CANDIS: Heterogenous Mobile Cloud Framework and Energy Cost-Aware Scheduling

  title={CANDIS: Heterogenous Mobile Cloud Framework and Energy Cost-Aware Scheduling},
  author={Sebastian Schildt and Felix B{\"u}sching and Enrico Jorns and Lars C. Wolf},
  journal={2013 IEEE International Conference on Green Computing and Communications and IEEE Internet of Things and IEEE Cyber, Physical and Social Computing},
We present CANDIS, a framework that can distribute computing tasks to a computing cloud consisting of mobile devices running Android as well as computers. We argue how integrating mobile devices into an IT infrastructure makes ecologic sense while saving costs at the same time. We show how fluctuating energy spot market prices due to demand and varying supply could be fed into a Candis scheduler to further reduce costs of computation by shifting it to times of cheap energy prices. Thus, the… CONTINUE READING