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The Impact of Intensive Patient Education on Clinical Outcome in a Clinic‐Based Migraine Population
Whether the addition of patient education to routine medical management improves the clinical status of migraine patients and reduces their utilization of healthcare resources is investigated.
Center of Excellence for Headache Care: Group Model at Kaiser Permanente
A disease management model for primary headache is evaluated by assessing improvement in patients' quality of life, decreasing headache‐related visits to primary care and emergency departments, and maintaining high levels of patient and physician satisfaction.
Psychological burnout and the intensive care practitioner: A practical and candid review for those who care
  • PG Brindley
  • Psychology
    Journal of the Intensive Care Society
  • 2017
This review explains why burnout matters and why efforts should be sustained, and how efforts can support a greater goal: to increase resilience, to aid retention, and to improve career guidance.
Measuring service quality in a hospital colposcopy clinic.
  • M. Wisniewski, H. Wisniewski
  • Business, Medicine
    International journal of health care quality assurance incorporating Leadership in health services
  • 2005
It does appear that the SERVQUAL instrument has a useful diagnostic role to play in assessing and monitoring service quality in nursing, enabling nursing staff to identify where improvements are needed from the patients' perspective.
Subjective Well-Being: Keeping Up with the Perception of the Joneses
Using data from the US General Social Survey 1972–2004, we study the role of perceptions and status in self-reported happiness. Reference group income negatively relates to own happiness and high
Beyond Empathy
  • R. Sobel
  • Medicine, Psychology
    Perspectives in biology and medicine
  • 2008
The individual ingredients of a successful patient-physician engagement are considered: scientific competency, imagination, caring about the patient, attentive listening to the person’s story, and skill in rewriting the illness story.
Satisfaction for Health Care Employees: A Quest for the Holy Grail?
This article proposes that, across industries, too much has been made of the importance of job satisfaction and its impact on organizational effectiveness and seeks to reduce job dissatisfaction, rather than improve job satisfaction, through practical solutions for those charged with attracting and retaining health care employees during tight labor markets.
Spectral Gap and Cut-oo in Markov Chains
In this paper we consider an example of a family of Markov chains with a spectral gap and show that it exhibits O(n) cut-oo in the sense of Diaconis. We argue that this, and bandedness, is what lies


Statistical mechanics and disordered systems
Since computers are able to simulate the equilibrium properties of model systems, they may also prove useful for solving the hard optimization problems that arise in the engineering of complex
On the evolution of random graphs
(n) k edges have equal probabilities to be chosen as the next one . We shall 2 study the "evolution" of such a random graph if N is increased . In this investigation we endeavour to find what is the
Where the Really Hard Problems Are
It is shown that NP-complete problems can be summarized by at least one "order parameter", and that the hard problems occur at a critical value of such a parameter.
Hard and Easy Distributions of SAT Problems
It is shown that by using the right distribution of instances, and appropriate parameter values, it is possible to generate random formulas that are hard, that is, for which satisfiability testing is quite difficult.
The complexity of theorem-proving procedures
  • S. Cook
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • 1971
It is shown that any recognition problem solved by a polynomial time-bounded nondeterministic Turing machine can be “reduced” to the problem of determining whether a given propositional formula is a
A Computing Procedure for Quantification Theory
In the present paper, a uniform proof procedure for quantification theory is given which is feasible for use with some rather complicated formulas and which does not ordinarily lead to exponentiation.
Phase transition and search cost in the 2+p-sat problem
We give analytical and numerical results concerning a new Satissability problem for random Boolean expressions. Our model smoothly interpolates between the polynomial 2{SAT problem and the
Critical Behavior in the Satisfiability of Random Boolean Expressions
Finite-size scaling, a method from statistical physics, can be used to characterize size-dependent effects near the threshold and a relationship can be drawn between thresholds and computational complexity.