CALM-AF10+ T-ALL expression profiles are characterized by overexpression of HOXA and BMI1 oncogenes

  title={CALM-AF10+ T-ALL expression profiles are characterized by overexpression of HOXA and BMI1 oncogenes},
  author={Willem A. Dik and Wajih Brahim and Cathy Braun and Vahid Asnafi and Nicole Dastugue and Olivier Adrien Bernard and J J M van Dongen and Anton W. Langerak and E A Macintyre and Eric C M Delabesse},
The t(10;11)(p13;q14–21) is found in T-ALL and acute myeloid leukemia and fuses CALM (Clathrin-Assembly protein-like Lymphoid-Myeloid leukaemia gene) to AF10. In order to gain insight into the transcriptional consequences of this fusion, microarray-based comparison of CALM-AF10+ vs CALM-AF10− T-ALL was performed. This analysis showed upregulation of HOXA5, HOXA9, HOXA10 and BMI1 in the CALM-AF10+ cases. Microarray results were validated by quantitative RT-PCR on an independent group of T-ALL… CONTINUE READING
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