CABot1: A videogame agent implemented in fLIF neurons

  title={CABot1: A videogame agent implemented in fLIF neurons},
  author={C. Huyck},
  journal={2008 7th IEEE International Conference on Cybernetic Intelligent Systems},
  • C. Huyck
  • Published 2008 in
    2008 7th IEEE International Conference on…
CABot1 is an agent in a simple videogame that assists a user in the game. Like the user, it views the game; it takes commands from the user, the commands are used to set goals, and the system interleaves all of these processes. Crucially, CABot1 is implemented entirely in simulated fatiguing Leaky Integrate and Fire neurons. The long term goal of this line of research is to develop a system that can solve the Turing test. The author believes that the best approach to building such a system is… CONTINUE READING
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