CAAL: Concurrency Workbench, Aalborg Edition


We present the first official release of Caal, a web-based tool for modelling and verification of concurrent processes. The tool is primarily designed for educational purposes and it supports the classical process algebra CCS together with its timed extension TCCS. It allows to compare processes with respect to a range of strong/weak and timed/untimed equivalences and preorders (bisimulation, simulation and traces) and supports model checking of CCS/TCCS processes against recursively defined formulae of Hennessy-Milner logic. The tool offers a graphical visualizer for displaying labelled transition systems, including their minimization up to strong/weak bisimulation, and process behaviour can be examined by playing (bi)simulation and model checking games or via the generation of distinguishing formulae for non-equivalent processes. We describe the modelling and analysis features of Caal, discuss the underlying verification algorithms and show a typical example of a use in the classroom environment.

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-25150-9_33

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