CA 125 regression: a model for epithelial ovarian cancer response.

  title={CA 125 regression: a model for epithelial ovarian cancer response.},
  author={Richard E. Buller and Michael L. Berman and Jeffrey D Bloss and Alberto Manetta and Philip John Disaia},
  journal={American journal of obstetrics and gynecology},
  volume={165 2},
The rate of decline of CA 125 in effectively treated epithelial ovarian cancer is described by the exponential regression curve CA 125 = EXP [i - s (days after surgery)]. In this equation i, the y-axis intercept, measures initial tumor burden whereas s, the slope of the regression curve, is determined by the extent of cytoreductive surgery and the subsequent response to chemotherapy. Departure from the regression curve uniformly results in progressive disease. In patients whose cancers had been… CONTINUE READING

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