CA 125: a useful marker in endometrial carcinoma.

  title={CA 125: a useful marker in endometrial carcinoma.},
  author={J M Duk and Jan G. Aalders and Gert Jan J Fleuren and Henk de Bruijn},
  journal={American journal of obstetrics and gynecology},
  volume={155 5},
In a retrospective study 121 patients with endometrial cancer were examined. In addition, 20 primary endometrial adenocarcinomas were tested immunohistochemically for CA 125. All tumor tissues were demonstrated to contain CA 125. However, only 25% of 110 patients had elevated CA 125 levels in serum before treatment. The incidence of elevated CA 125 serum levels increased with higher tumor staging up to 55% and 86% in surgical Stages III and IV, respectively. In Stage I and II disease… CONTINUE READING

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