C3 and C4 leaf anatomy types in Camphorosmeae (Camphorosmoideae, Chenopodiaceae)

  title={C3 and C4 leaf anatomy types in Camphorosmeae (Camphorosmoideae, Chenopodiaceae)},
  author={H. Paul Freitag and Gudrun Kadereit},
  journal={Plant Systematics and Evolution},
Complementary to our previous project on the molecular phylogeny of Camphorosmeae, the leaf anatomy of ca. 35 species including all non-Australian and selected Australian species was studied by use of light microscopy. Nine anatomical leaf types were described, compared to previous classifications, and discussed with regard to their putative evolution on the background of phylogenetic trees. Particular emphasis was given to the relationships between the C3 and C4 leaf types: Chenolea type (C3… CONTINUE READING