C1q and its growing family.

  title={C1q and its growing family.},
  author={Rohit Ghai and Patrick Waters and Lubka T Roumenina and Mihaela G. Gadjeva and M. Mihaela S. Kojouharova and Kenneth B. M. Reid and Robert B Sim and Uday Kishore},
  volume={212 4-5},
C1q is the target recognition protein of the classical complement pathway and a major connecting link between innate and acquired immunity. As a charge pattern recognition molecule of innate immunity, C1q can engage a broad range of self and non-self ligands via its heterotrimeric globular (gC1q) domain and thus trigger the classical pathway. The trimeric gC1q signature domain has been identified in a variety of non-complement proteins that can be grouped together as a C1q family. The X-ray… CONTINUE READING
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