C1A cysteine-proteases and their inhibitors in plants.

  title={C1A cysteine-proteases and their inhibitors in plants.},
  author={Manuel Mart{\'i}nez and In{\'e}s Cambra and Pablo Gonzalez-Melendi and M Estrella Santamaria and Isabel D{\'i}az},
  journal={Physiologia plantarum},
  volume={145 1},
Plant cysteine-proteases (CysProt) represent a well-characterized type of proteolytic enzymes that fulfill tightly regulated physiological functions (senescence and seed germination among others) and defense roles. This article is focused on the group of papain-proteases C1A (family C1, clan CA) and their inhibitors, phytocystatins (PhyCys). In particular, the protease-inhibitor interaction and their mutual participation in specific pathways throughout the plant's life are reviewed. C1A CysProt… CONTINUE READING

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