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C1 Triangular Isogeometric Analysis of the von Karman Equations

  title={C1 Triangular Isogeometric Analysis of the von Karman Equations},
  author={Mehrdad Zareh and Xiaoping Qian},
  • M. Zareh, Xiaoping Qian
  • Published 2021
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • ArXiv
In this paper, we report the use of rational Triangular Bézier Splines (rTBS) to numerically solve the von Karman equations, a system of fourth order PDEs. C smoothness of the mesh, generated by triangular Bézier elements, enables us to directly solve the von Karman systems of equations without using mixed formulation. Numerical results of benchmark problems show high accuracy and optimal convergence rate in L, H and H norm for quadratic and cubic triangular Bézier elements. Results of this… Expand


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