C.—The alkylation of sugars

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Allyl glycidyl ether-modified animal glue binder for improved water resistance and bonding strength in sand casting
This paper aims to develop a modified animal glue sand binder for foundry casting with improved water resistance and bonding strength. An efficient method is reported by using sodium hydroxide as theExpand
An insight into the polymeric structures in Asian Palmyra palm (Borassus flabellifer Linn)
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Linkage Analysis of Oligosaccharides and Polysaccharides: A Tutorial.
It is hoped that this protocol will serve as a definitive guide, allowing novice researchers to perform linkage analysis of carbohydrates in their own lab, and give chromatographic examples of common erroneous results which the first time practitioner will want to be aware of. Expand
Moringa gum and its modified form as a potential green polymer used in biomedical field.
The present review furnishes complete information on the various aspects of moringa gum and its applications in various industrial and biomedical fields. Expand
Solvent-induced selectivity of Williamson etherification in the pursuit of amides resistant against oxidative degradation
This article reports two discoveries. (1) 2-Methoxyethanol induces unprecedented selectivity for etherification of 5-hydroxy-2-nitrobenzic acids without forming undesired esters. (2) Such compoundsExpand
The periodic table and other wallcharts in the teaching of chemistry in St Andrews, 1884–1919
The teaching of the chemistry of the elements at the University of St Andrews by Professor Thomas Purdie FRS is examined with reference to selections from a collection of recently discovered historicExpand
Total synthesis of 2'-O-methyl-β-l-arabinosyluridine and reassignment the nucleoside from penicillium sp. as 2'-O-methyl-β-l-uridine
Abstract In order to validate the structure of a rarely reported naturally occurring nucleoside isolated from the broth of Penicillium sp. (NO. 64), practical syntheses of 2′-O-methyl-β- lExpand
Upgrading Methylation Method for Structural Studies of Polysaccharides: Case Analysis of a Bioactive Polysaccharide from Acacia tortilis
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Biopolymer of Dictyosphaerium chlorelloides - chemical characterization and biological effects.
A good bioavailability and a low toxicity of the biopolymer have been found based on in vitro exposition using a reconstructed 3-D tissue model and immunobiological studies revealed the effective anti-proliferative capacity of theBiopolymer in vitro in both cancer and non-cancer cell lines. Expand
A spin column-free approach to sodium hydroxide-based glycan permethylation.
A spin column-free glycan permethylation procedure that expedites and economizes both intact glycan analysis and linkage analysis of glycans from whole biospecimens is described. Expand