C-shaped root canal in a maxillary first molar: a case report.

  title={C-shaped root canal in a maxillary first molar: a case report.},
  author={Zeliha Yilmaz and Behram Tuncel and Ahmet Serper and Semra Çalt},
  journal={International endodontic journal},
  volume={39 2},
AIM This case report presents an unusual C-shaped root canal system in a maxillary first molar tooth. SUMMARY Although C-shaped root canals are most frequently seen in the mandibular second molar, they may also appear in maxillary molars. A literature search revealed only a few case reports of C-shaped root canal systems in maxillary molars. The present case describes a C-shaped canal in the buccal root of a maxillary first molar. The endodontic access cavity displayed two canal orifices, one… CONTINUE READING

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