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C*-algebraic Smale Mean Value Conjecture and Dubinin-Sugawa Dual Mean Value Conjecture

  title={C*-algebraic Smale Mean Value Conjecture and Dubinin-Sugawa Dual Mean Value Conjecture},
  author={K. Mahesh Krishna},
: Based on Smale mean value conjecture [Bull. Amer. Math. Soc., 1981] and Dubinin-Sugawa dual mean value conjecture [Proc. Japan Acad. Ser. A Math. Sci., 2009] we formulate the following conjectures. form of) C*-algebraic Smale mean value conjecture and C*-algebraic Dubinin-Sugawa dual mean value conjecture hold for degree 2 C*-algebraic polynomials over commutative C*-algebras. 

C*-algebraic Casas-Alvero Conjecture

: Based on Casas-Alvero conjecture [J. Algebra, 2001] we formulate the following conjecture. C*-algebraic Casas-Alvero Conjecture : Let A be a commutative C*-algebra, n ∈ N and let P ( z ) := ( z − a



Smale’s mean value conjecture for finite Blaschke products

Motivated by a dictionary between polynomials and finite Blaschke products, we study both Smale’s mean value conjecture and its dual conjecture for finite Blaschke products in this paper. Our result

C*-algebraic Gauss-Lucas Theorem and C*-algebraic Sendov's Conjecture

Using a result of Robertson [Proc. Edinburgh Math. Soc. (2), 1976], we introduce a notion of differentiation of maps on certain classes of unital commutative C*-algebras. We then derive C*-algebraic

Smale’s Mean Value Conjecture and Complex Dynamics

A version of the Smale Mean Value conjecture asserts that for a non-linear complex polynomial of the form $f(z)=z+a_{2}z^{2}+\dots +a_{d}z^{d}$, there exists a critical point c of f for which

Extremal Polynomials in Smale’s Mean Value Conjecture

Let p be a non-linear complex polynomial in one variable. Smale’s mean value conjecture is a precise estimate of the derivative p′(z) in terms of the gradients of chords between z and a stationary

A bound for Smale's mean value conjecture for complex polynomials

Smale's mean value conjecture is an inequality that relates the locations of critical points and critical values of a polynomial p to the value and derivative of p at some given non‐critical point.

Smale’s mean value conjecture for odd polynomials

In this paper, we shall show that the constant in Smale’s mean value theorem can be reduced to two for a large class of polynomials which includes the odd polynomials with nonzero linear term. 2000

Smale’s mean value conjecture and the coefficients of univalent functions

We study Smale's mean value conjecture and its connection with the second coefficients of univalent functions. We improve the bound on Smale's constant given by Beardon, Minda and Ng.

Geometric function theory and Smale's mean value conjecture

We improve an estimate of the constant in Smale's mean value conjecture, by using the Bieberbach theorem for coefficients of univalent functions and an estimate of the hyperbolic density of a certain

Counterexamples to Tischler's Strong Form of Smale's Mean Value Conjecture

Smale's mean value conjecture asserts that minθ|P(θ)/θ|⩽K/P′(0)| for every polynomial P of degree d satisfying P(0)=0, where K = (d−1)/d and the minimum is taken over all critical points θ of P. A

C*-algebraic Schoenberg Conjecture

: Based on Schoenberg conjecture [Amer. Math. Monthly., 1986] /Malamud-Pereira theorem [J. Math. Anal. Appl, 2003] , [Trans. Amer. Math. Soc., 2005] we formulate the following conjecture which we