Cómo el presenciar (Anwesen) se convirtió en el concepto de ser en Heidegger

  title={C{\'o}mo el presenciar (Anwesen) se convirti{\'o} en el concepto de ser en Heidegger},
  author={Juan Pablo Hern{\'a}ndez Betancur},
It is commonly held that even though, in the period of Being and Time ,  Heidegger was critical of the Greek conception of being as presence ( Anwesenheit , Praesenz ), he came to embrace the conception of being as presencing ( Anwesen ) in his later work. In the paper I argue that this view, even if true from a general viewpoint, requires major specification. I claim that the notion of Anwesen only came to express Heidegger’s own positive conception of being around the mid-forties and after a… CONTINUE READING

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