César Milstein, the father of modern immunology

  title={C{\'e}sar Milstein, the father of modern immunology},
  author={Timothy A. Springer},
  journal={Nature Immunology},
  • T. Springer
  • Published 1 June 2002
  • Biology
  • Nature Immunology
In memoriam: César Milstein, who with the late Georges Köhler invented monoclonal antibodies, died on 24 March 2002. Their invention sprang from basic research on antibody diversity and specificity, and spawned revolutionary advances in biology, medicine and industry. 
Immunology south of the equator in the Americas
Despite a troubled economic and political past, a tradition of fundamental research in immunology and infectious diseases has been fostered in Argentina, Brazil and Chile, as well as in other South
infected individuals - Conservation of unique cell-surface CD antigen mosaics in HIV-1
doi:10.1182/blood-2004-12-4642Prepublished online April 12, 2005;2005 106: 1003-1007€€€€Erber, Mark Bower, Brian Gazzard, Richard I. Christopherson and Mike A. ScottStephen P. Mulligan, Larissa
Human immunology and immunotherapy: main achievements and challenges
Improvement in knowledge not only regarding immune-mediated illnesses and how the immune system works and interacts with other systems and components (such as the microbiome) but also in terms of ways to manipulate this system through immunotherapy is improved.
Rapid and efficient preparation of monoclonal antibodies against 35 kDa lipoprotein of Mycoplasma penetrans.
The first report on the preparation of mAbs against M. penetrans that is specific to 35 kDa lipoprotein using popliteal lymph nodes is reported, which may become a method of choice for the generation and production of MAbs in a short period of time.
CD Nomenclature 2015: Human Leukocyte Differentiation Antigen Workshops as a Driving Force in Immunology
How the CD nomenclature was established is described, the official updated list of CD molecules is presented, and a rationale for their usefulness in the 21st century is provided.
Conservation of unique cell-surface CD antigen mosaics in HIV-1-infected individuals.
An invariant HIV-induced CD antigen signature has been defined that is both robust and independent of clinical outcome, composed of a unique profile of CD antigen expression levels that are both increased and decreased relative to internal controls.
HIV-1-infected individuals Conservation of unique cell-surface CD antigen mosaics in
This paper aims to provide a history of immunobiology in patients with documented cases of central giant cell granuloma dating back to the 1950s and 60s.
Relevance of Antibody Validation for Flow Cytometry
It is argued that significant efforts should be invested by antibody users, developers, manufacturers, and publishers to increase the quality and reproducibility of published studies and community effort shall lead to the public availability of large data sets that can serve as a benchmark for antibody performance.
Tratamiento del asma: la terapia biológica que viene
Las tecnicas de produccion de anticuerpos monoclonales contra dianas especificas, y los procedimientos de biologia molecular que facilitan la reduccion su inmunogenicidad en sujetos humanos, han