Bystander activation of CD4+ T cells.

  title={Bystander activation of CD4+ T cells.},
  author={Onur Boyman},
  journal={European journal of immunology},
  volume={40 4},
Bystander activation of T cells, i.e. the stimulation of unrelated (heterologous) T cells by cytokines during an Ag-specific T-cell response, has been best described for CD8(+) T cells. In the CD8(+) compartment, the release of IFN and IFN-inducers leads to the production of IL-15, which mediates the proliferation of CD8(+) T cells, notably memory-phenotype CD8(+) T cells. CD4(+) T cells also undergo bystander activation, however, the signals inducing this Ag-nonspecific stimulation of CD4(+) T… CONTINUE READING

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