Buying Aircraft: Matériel Procurement for the Army Air Forces

  title={Buying Aircraft: Mat{\'e}riel Procurement for the Army Air Forces},
  author={Robin D. S. Higham and Irving B. Holley},
Spillover Effects of Intellectual Property Protection in the Interwar Aircraft Industry
Can strengthening intellectual property (IP) protection for producers of one good affect innovation in other related goods? To answer this question, we exploit a unique policy experiment in the
This paper studies the relationship between fiscal policy, productivity, and capacity utilization. It does so in the context of US World War II munition production, where many plants saw productivity
Goodhart’s Law and the Gaming of UK Public Spending Numbers
Abstract Goodhart’s Law, originally inspired by money-supply indicators, predicts high-consequence administrative numbers tend to be gamed out of meaningfulness. This paper argues that, in addition
Can Stimulating Demand Drive Costs Down? World War II as a Natural Experiment
U.S. military production during World War II increased at an impressive rate and led to large declines in unit costs. However, the literature has focused on elucidating detailed mechanisms behind
The Computer in the Garbage Can: Air-Defense Systems in the Organization of US Nuclear Command and Control, 1940-1960
This dissertation argues that SAGE, and indeed, the entire ColdWar project of nuclearand-command, can be understood as a sequence of “garbage-can-like” decisions, resulting in a conglomeration of independent systems whose behavior appeared reasonable from the perspective of the using organization, but which nonetheless failed to cohere against the far greater danger of a global thermonuclear exchange.
Shakeout in the Early Commercial Airframe Industry
The commercial airframe industry in the US experienced a shakeout from the early 1930s into the post†Second World War period. Unlike shakeouts in automobiles, tyres, or televisions, the commercial
The financial performance of aircraft manufacturers during world war II: the vicissitudes of war
Controversy has long surrounded the role and profitability of US defense contractors. From a financial perspective the question becomes whether defense contractors earn greater profits and investor
Breakthrough innovations in aircraft and the intellectual property system, 1900-1975
Modern commercial aircraft are complex products that incorporate innovations in technologies ranging from advanced materials to software and electronics. Although commercial aircraft assuredly
Gliders of World War II: ‘The Bastards No One Wanted’
Abstract : This study examines the role of combat gliders in Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States during World War II (WWII). The thesis compares and contrasts each country with respect