Busting myths that hinder an agreement to end harmful fisheries subsidies

  title={Busting myths that hinder an agreement to end harmful fisheries subsidies},
  author={Andr{\'e}s M. Cisneros‐Montemayor and U. Rashid Sumaila},
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Ambitious subsidy reform by the WTO presents opportunities for ocean health restoration

The World Trade Organization (WTO) is in a unique position to deliver on Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 14.6 by reforming global fisheries subsidies in 2020. Yet, a number of unanswered questions

A 20-year retrospective on the provision of fisheries subsidies in the European Union

The next few months will be crucial in determining whether the world’s major fishing nations will deliver on commitments under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations to

Subsidies—Help or Hurt? A Study from Vietnamese Fisheries

Subsidies are part of the set of management tools that governments apply to modernize their fishing fleets and enable them to engage in offshore and international fisheries. Research has shown that

Fisheries Subsidies and the World Trade Organization: A Concise History

Fisheries play a critical role in global food security. Unfortunately, marine fish resources are significantly depleted, and widespread use of fisheries subsidies contribute to this depletion.

Is China Responsible for Its Maritime Militia's Internationally Wrongful Acts? The Attribution of the Conduct of a Parastatal Entity to the State

Abstract China's maritime militia groups have attracted much scholarly attention in recent years. Systematically funded and trained by the Chinese authorities, the militia groups help advance China's



Relative Effects of Fisheries Support Policies

The effects of six common forms of fisheries support are estimated using a bioeconomic model of the global fishery. The results show that all have the potential to provoke overfishing, to lead to

Preparing ocean governance for species on the move

It is shown here that many species will likely shift across national and other political boundaries in the coming decades, creating the potential for conflict over newly shared resources.

Introducing fisheries subsidies

"Introducing fisheries subsidies" explains why fishery subsidies are of concern, discusses alternatives to subsidies, explains why they are implemented and briefly considers the difficulties caused

Contribution of marine fisheries to worldwide employment

Marine fisheries contribute to the global economy, from the catching of fish through to the provision of support services for the fishing industry. General lack of data and uncertainty about the

The Impact of Subsidies on the Ecological Sustainability and Future Profits from North Sea Fisheries

The study found that while removing subsidies might reduce the total catch and revenue, it increases the overall profitability of the fishery and the total biomass of commercially important species.

The Data‐Limited Methods Toolkit ( DLM tool): An R package for informing management of data‐limited populations

The modelling framework was formalized in the DLMtool (Carruthers & Hordyk, 2018) (‘the package’) with the overarching aim to use the MSE in support of transparent and rigorous decisionmaking in datalimited fisheries.