Business Model of a Botnet

  title={Business Model of a Botnet},
  author={C. G. J. Putman and Abhishta Abhishta and Lambert J. M. Nieuwenhuis},
  journal={2018 26th Euromicro International Conference on Parallel, Distributed and Network-based Processing (PDP)},
Botnets continue to be an active threat against firms or companies and individuals worldwide. Previous research regarding botnets has unveiled information on how the system and their stakeholders operate, but an insight on the economic structure that supports these stakeholders is lacking. The objective of this research is to analyse the business model and determine the revenue stream of a botnet owner. We also study the botnet life-cycle and determine the costs associated with it on the basis… Expand
Effects of botnets – a human-organisational approach
A unified framework for the human-organisational classification of botnets is formed, which comprises people and technological attributes according to the BMIS model, providing the defender with a standard way of classification. Expand
On Security Threats of Botnets to Cyber Systems
  • T. Lange, H. Kettani
  • Computer Science
  • 2019 6th International Conference on Signal Processing and Integrated Networks (SPIN)
  • 2019
A review on botnet evolution, trends and mitigations is presented, and related examples and research are offered to provide the reader with quick access to a broad understanding of the issues at hand. Expand
On the Feasibility of Automating Stock Market Manipulation
This work presents the first findings on the feasibility of using botnets to automate stock market manipulation, and consolidates the findings into a working proof-of-concept, man-in-the-browser malware, Bot2Stock, capable of controlling victim email and brokerage accounts to commit fraud. Expand
DUSTBot: A duplex and stealthy P2P-based botnet in the Bitcoin network
A novel P2P botnet model based on Bitcoin transactions to prepare for new cyber threats and a covert, duplex, and low-cost command and control (C&C) channel in the Bitcoin network is presented in this work. Expand
Probability Analysis of Successful Cyber Attacks in SDN-based Networks
A novel model is suggested which considers vulnerability severities, attack scenarios and various potential actors and their motivations and infer the most likely attack scenarios. Expand
The Maestro Attack: Orchestrating Malicious Flows with BGP
The Maestro attack is presented, a novel Link Flooding Attack that leverages control-plane traffic engineering techniques to concentrate botnet-sourced Distributed Denial of Service flows on transit links and evaluates widespread Internet link vulnerability across several metrics, including BGP betweenness and botnet flow density. Expand
UMUDGA: A dataset for profiling DGA-based botnet
This research focuses on the first critical step of the training phase, that is, the collection of data suitable for being analysed by algorithms, and advocates a thorough analysis of the cyber panorama in terms of botnets that make use of Domain Generation Algorithms (DGAs) as evasive techniques. Expand
An Efficient Botnet Detection Methodology using Hyper-parameter Optimization Trough Grid-Search Techniques
Experimental results prove that by tuning algorithms trained models can outperform detection accuracy in an efficient manner. Expand
IoT-Botnet Detection and Isolation by Access Routers
It is shown that the IoT botnet detection and isolation approach at the level of access routers helps to prevent the compromise of IoT devices without the need to have in-depth technical administration knowledge, and hence make it viable for customers and end users. Expand
REPEL: A Strategic Approach for Defending 5G Control Plane From DDoS Signalling Attacks
This paper uses games theory to build up a defence front line, able to keep services availability and discourage the attacker, and proposes REPEL – an intelligent resource scaling strategy to mitigate DDoS signalling attacks preserving legitimate traffic. Expand


The Botnet Revenue Model
The purpose of this paper is to describe the pillars of the supply chain of botnets, in order to highlight that the criminal market behind their spread is mature enough to prefer a revenue model based on service rentals, instead of direct monolithic implementation. Expand
Analysis of botnets through life-cycle
It is deducted that the interruption of any of the stages makes it possible to thwart a botnet purpose and, thus, make it useless. Expand
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