Business Model Canvas Analysis and Development for Herry Furniture

  title={Business Model Canvas Analysis and Development for Herry Furniture},
  author={Priskila Christine Rahayu and Natalia Hartono and Chrisda Agustina},
Investable, revolution industry 4.0 that is based on integration of the online world, has an impact on all business sectors. It also felt by Herry Furniture, which is still sells office furniture conventionally. The company needs to improve its service and business models inorder to stay competitive. The company needs to improve connectivity interaction and communication with customers. For that we have done the analyze and develop The company’sbusiness model canvas. To find the appropriate… 



Proposal for a Method for Business Model Performance Assessment: Toward an Experimentation Tool for Business Model Innovation

It was concluded that based on the performance assessment of the business model it is possible to propose the search for change through experimentation, a path that can lead to business model innovation.

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This analysis will offer a personal outlook into the key emerging areas where I believe more research will be required to further understand BPMN, its premise and promise, and how the authors can shape the landscape of BPMn practice and development in academia and industry.

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It is expected with this system the results are better for school and canmaximize the performance of officers in making payment of school tuition as well as the information obtained is more effective and efficient.

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Business Process Model and Notation. The Complete Business Process Handbook (Vol

  • 2012