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Business Continuity Preparedness and the Mindfulness State of Mind

  title={Business Continuity Preparedness and the Mindfulness State of Mind},
  author={Tiffany Braun and W. Martz},
Today, with the growing dependence on technology and increasing population growth, the impact of man-made and natural disasters, on human lives and financial losses, is greater than ever. Though some businesses are investing in business continuity planning, others are still reluctant. “An estimated 80 percent of companies without a well-conceived and tested business continuity plan, go out of business within two years of a major disaster” (Santangelo 2004). In this study, we explore why firms… Expand
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We acknowledge with deep gratitude, generous and extensive help with previous versions of this manuscript from Sue Ashford, Michael Cohen, Dan Denison, Jane Dutton, Les Gasser, Joel Kahn, Rod Kramer,Expand
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  • The Australian journal of holistic nursing
  • 2000
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