Busaliol and Busalicifol, Two New Tetrahydrofuran Lignans from Bupleurum salicifolium

  title={Busaliol and Busalicifol, Two New Tetrahydrofuran Lignans from Bupleurum salicifolium},
  author={A. Est{\'e}vez-Braun and R. Est{\'e}vez-Reyes and J. Gonz{\'a}lez-P{\'e}rez and A. Gonz{\'a}lez},
  journal={Journal of Natural Products},
-Three tetrahydrofuran lignans [l-3} were obtained from the leaves of Bupleu17lm salici!olium, of which busaliol {l} and busalicifol {2} are novel. Their structures were determined by spectral and chemical methods. Also obtained in this investigation were a number of other lignans, coumarins, a polyacetylene, and a triterpenoid, all of known structure. Bupleurum salicifolium Sol!. ex Lowe (Umbelliferae) is endemie to the Canary lslands and is a speeies highly speeialized in the biosynthesis of… Expand
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