Bursting of Dilute Emulsion-Based Liquid Sheets Driven by a Marangoni Effect.

  title={Bursting of Dilute Emulsion-Based Liquid Sheets Driven by a Marangoni Effect.},
  author={Clara Vernay and Laurence Ramos and Christian Ligoure},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={115 19},
We study the destabilization mechanism of thin liquid sheets expanding in air and show that dilute oil-in-water emulsion-based sheets disintegrate through the nucleation and growth of holes that perforate the sheet. The velocity and thickness fields of the sheet outside the holes are not perturbed by holes, and hole opening follows the Taylor-Culick law. We find that a prehole, which widens and thins out the sheet with time, systematically precedes the hole nucleation. The growth dynamics of… 
Playing with Emulsion Formulation to Control the Perforation of a Freely Expanding Liquid Sheet.
It is demonstrated that the entering of the droplets at the air/water interface is the limiting step of the mechanism, which is theoretically rationalize the successive steps in the approach and entering of an oil droplet at the film interface and the role of salt and amphiphilic polymer in the different steps.
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Stroboscopic illumination by nanosecond laser pulses is used to temporally resolve the distance L(t) over which a low-surface-tension drop spreads over a miscible high- surfaces tension drop, enabling engineering of drop encapsulation for various liquid-liquid systems.
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