Burst ORAM: Minimizing ORAM Response Times for Bursty Access Patterns

  title={Burst ORAM: Minimizing ORAM Response Times for Bursty Access Patterns},
  author={Jonathan L. Dautrich and Emil Stefanov and Elaine Shi},
  booktitle={USENIX Security Symposium},
We present Burst ORAM, the first oblivious cloud storage system to achieve both practical response times and low total bandwidth consumption for bursty workloads. For real-world workloads, Burst ORAM can attain response times that are nearly optimal and orders of magnitude lower than the best existing ORAM systems by reducing online bandwidth costs and aggressively rescheduling shuffling work to delay the bulk of the IO until idle periods. We evaluate our design on an enterprise file system… CONTINUE READING
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