Burnout in medical residents: a review.

  title={Burnout in medical residents: a review.},
  author={Jelle T. Prins and Stacey M. Gazendam-Donofrio and Ben J Tubben and Frank M. M. A. van der Heijden and Harry B. M. Van de Wiel and Josette E. H. M. Hoekstra-Weebers},
  journal={Medical education},
  volume={41 8},
OBJECTIVES This study aimed to review current knowledge on burnout in medical residents, including reported prevalence rates, and to establish which risk and resistance factors contribute to or prevent burnout in medical residents. METHODS We conducted a comprehensive search of the literature published between 1975 and 2005, using the Medline, EMBASE (from 1989) and PsychINFO databases. RESULTS A total of 19 studies met our inclusion criteria. Only 5 studies appeared to meet more than 2 of… CONTINUE READING

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