Burnout in Ghanaian hospitals: phase model findings in sub-Saharan Africa.


This replication shows the expected covariation of the phases of burnout with a set of 5 marker variables. As the phases progress I-->VIII, so do decreases or deficits occur on all the marker variables. All covariants far surpass usually-accepted levels of statistical significance, although the magnitudes are not as great as in much other research with the phases. The Ghanaian incidence of the phases is also compared with several panels of populations. Those comparisons at once indicate a substantial Ghanaian incidence of advanced phases, as well as a distribution comparable to North American worksettings and more favorable than a panel of global worksettings.

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@article{Fiadzo1997BurnoutIG, title={Burnout in Ghanaian hospitals: phase model findings in sub-Saharan Africa.}, author={Emmanuel Fiadzo and Robert T. Golembiewski and Huifang Luo and Matt Bradbury and Tania L . Rivera}, journal={Journal of health and human services administration}, year={1997}, volume={19 4}, pages={442-66} }