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Burnout, dimensions and its related factors in the operational staff of medicine emergency

  title={Burnout, dimensions and its related factors in the operational staff of medicine emergency},
  author={H. Ebrahimi and A. Navidian and M. Ameri and M. Sadeghi},
  journal={Journal of Health Promotion Management},
Introduction: Stressful and unpredictable conditions in the pre-hospital emergency medical staff by imposing additional psychological pressure can affect and cause serious consequences in the long run. The aim of this study was to determine the burnout, dimensions and its related factors in the operational staff of medicine emergency. Materials & Methods: This descriptive-correlation study was conducted on 114 operational staff of medicine emergency in Shahroud city. They were selected through… Expand
The relationship between moral distress and burnout in clinical nurses in the Shahroud city
Considering the significant correlation between moral distress with all aspects of burnout in nurses, applicable and application programs such as necessary training on how to deal with tensions in clinical ethics and activate the ethics committees in health centers in order to prevent this syndrome in nurses is necessary. Expand
Relationship between perceived stress and personality traits in emergency medical personnel
Introduction: Emergency Medical Personnel (EMP) perform their duties to take care of critically-ill patients in stressful situations. It is not clear what kind of personality traits have negativeExpand
The prevalence of burnout and its relationship with capital types among university staff in Tehran, Iran: A cross-sectional study
It is necessary to increase capital by increasing cultural activities, staff's knowledge level, income levels, informal groups, and finally, strengthening interpersonal relationships among staff to understand the relationship between burnout and capital types. Expand
Understanding the effect of post-traumatic stress on the professional quality of life of pre-hospital emergency staff.
Appropriate interventions are required to prevent the development of job-related PTSD and improve the professional quality of life of pre-hospital emergency staff. Expand
Investigating the Relationship between Teamwork and Professional and Demographic Factors of Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) in Zanjan Province in 2019
Background: There are not many studies on relationship between teamwork in pre-hospital Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and the relationship between teamwork and its consequences is complicated.Expand
Factors Predicting Death Depression of Emergency Medical Technicians in Iran
Background: Psychological problems such as death depression can have adverse effects on Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) including reduced quality of medical services, job dissatisfaction,Expand
Mental Health and Job Burnout Among Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Personnel
This dissertation aims to provide a history of web exceptionalism from 1989 to 2002, a period chosen in order to explore its roots as well as specific cases up to and including the year in which descriptions of “Web 2.0” began to circulate. Expand


Burnout syndrome at the emergency service
Symptoms of burnout were more likely to occur in the emergency personals than the other health service workers and were compared with other hospital workers regarding the Burnout symptoms. Expand
Burnout syndrome--assessment of a stressful job among intensive care staff.
Early recognition of burnout phenomenon as a result of prolonged stress and frustration among intensive care staff, contributes to better professional behavior, organizational structure changes in the work environment and better health care quality for critically ill patients. Expand
Introduction: Occupational burnout is one of job risks that has attended in recent Years. This problem in addition to the appearance of physical undesirable effects and psychologic complicationExpand
Relationship between burnout and occupational stress among nurses in China.
It is important to reduce occupational stress in nurses and to strengthen their coping resources to prevent burnout, and this could be achieved with job redesign, modification of shiftwork systems, and by offering occupational health education. Expand
[The characteristics of nurses' and caregivers' behaviour in different clinical settings with special attention to burnout syndrome].
The study supposed the influential role of certain personality factors (dysfunctional attitudes) in the development of burnout and confirmed that socio-demographic factors had no effect on burnout development. Expand
[Burnout syndrome among health workers in pediatrics].
BACKGROUND Burnout syndrome (BS) is a chronic adaptation disorder that provokes serious problems in occupational behavior. OBJECTIVE In the present study we assessed the prevalence of burnoutExpand
Burnout and its correlates in emergency physicians: four years' experience with a wellness booth.
There is evidence for a "survivor" category of practitioners for whom burnout either does not develop or is a reversible process and the projected attrition rate over 5 and 10 years appears to be no greater than that of the average medical specialty. Expand
Burnout in a surgical ICU team
Almost a third of the ICU nursing team showed a high level of burnout, and corrective actions against the related factors should be sought in order to alleviate the suffering. Expand
Occupational Burnout levels in Emergency Medicine–a nationwide study and analysis
Of all surveyed groups, this study shows a high risk of burnout consisting of high emotional exhaustion (EE) and high depersonalization (DP) values for Emergency Department doctors, Emergency, and Resuscitation Service doctors (M–SMU). Expand
Burnout syndrome in nurses in an Intensive Care Unit Síndrome de burnout em enfermeiros atuantes em uma Unidade de Terapia Intensiva
The majority of nurses presented burnout and there was a positive correlation between burn out and the variables: sex, advanced professional degrees, time working in nursing, workload and working at more than one hospital. Expand