Burn Rate of Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate-Aluminum Thermites.

  title={Burn Rate of Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate-Aluminum Thermites.},
  author={Desania Raquel Govender and Walter Wilhelm Focke and Shepherd M. Tichapondwa and William Edward Cloete},
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The energetics of cast calcium sulfate dihydrate-aluminum thermites were investigated. The casts were prepared from water slurries with a solids content below 65 wt %. The base case thermite comprised 60 wt % calcium sulfate dihydrate as the oxidizer with 40 wt % aluminum as fuel. The heat of hydration of the base case was 83 ± 4 kJ·kg-1 (dihydrate basis) and the initial setting time was about 100 min. The compressive strength reached 2.9 ± 0.2 MPa after 3 days of drying in ambient air. The… 

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Sulfates-based nanothermites: an expanding horizon for metastable interstitial composites.

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Effects of the type of calorimeter and the use of plasticizers and hydrophobizers on the measured hydration heat development of FGD gypsum

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Phenomena (reaction effects) such as varied light emissions, sound, varied burning rates, varied heats of reaction and reaction products occur during the reaction of inorganic redox systems used for

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Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology数据库介绍及实例

介绍了Kirk—Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology(化工技术百科全书)(第五版)电子图书网络版数据库,并对该数据库使用方法和检索途径作出了说明,且结合实例简单地介绍了该数据库的检索方法。


Hydrogen Gas Generating Propellent Compositions

  • US Pat US39448153A,
  • 1959