Burn After Viewing, or, Fire in the Vaults: Nitrate Decomposition and Combustibility

  title={Burn After Viewing, or, Fire in the Vaults: Nitrate Decomposition and Combustibility},
  author={Heather Heckman},
  journal={American Archivist},
  • H. Heckman
  • Published 17 November 2010
  • Engineering
  • American Archivist
Although the fire risks associated with nitrate film stock are widely known, understanding of the relationship between nitrate decomposition and combustibility remains weak. This paper surveys the contradictory descriptions of decomposition and combustibility of motion picture film in current archival and safety literature, evaluates their sources, and compares them to descriptions by image stability researchers and chemists. Throughout, the author argues that the dialogue among the archival… 

in a Nitrocellulose based Film

  • Materials Science
  • 2019
Nitrocellulose based film negatives make an important part of the cinematic work. In Iran, these films are also important since they are parts of cultural, historical and artistic heritages.

Filmic Gold: The Elemental Aesthetics of the Klondike Gold Rush in Bill Morrison’s Dawson City: Frozen Time (2016)

  • L. Hess
  • Art
    Zeitschrift für Anglistik und Amerikanistik
  • 2022
Abstract This contribution examines the elemental aesthetics of Bill Morrison’s documentary film Dawson City: Frozen Time (2016). The film traces connections between the birth of Dawson City as a

Digitization for Preservation and Access: Restoring the Usefulness of the Nitrate Negative Collections at the American Geographical Society Library

Film-based photographic collections of nitrate negatives pose major challenges to preservation and access because of unstable media and the lack of item-level indexing. Digitization offers an

Mapping the Preservation Landscape for the Twenty-First Century

Abstract Information technology has had a profound effect on the preservation landscape at the beginning of the twenty-first century, blurring the traditional boundaries separating cultural heritage

A contribution for the preservation of cellulose esters black and white negatives

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The Venus Fly Trap: The Lure and Pitfalls of Digitizing Moving Image Collections

The potential for tapping into the popularity of web video content has increased repository interest in digitizing film collections. The lure of instant access to digital content can attract the

Preservation in the Digital Age: A Review of Preservation Literature, 2009-10

The authors have organized the reviewed literature into five major areas of interest: tensions in preservation work as libraries embrace digital resources, mass digitization and its effects on collections, risk management and disaster response, digital preservation and curation, and education for preservation in the digital age.



Improved safety motion picture film support

In this article the author considers a highly acetylated cellulose acetate as a safety film support for motion pictures. It has improved physical characteristics such as greater tensile strength,

Size Exclusion Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry of Photographic Bases in Cellulose Nitrate Degradation

AbstractThe degradation mechanisms of cellulose nitrate were investigated using mass spectrometry and size exclusion chromatography. After extraction with dichloromethane and analysis by coupling gas

and Raife G . Tarkington , “ Early History of Amateur Motion - Picture Film

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