Burghers, Burglars, and Masturbators: The Sovereign Spender in the Age of Consumerism

  title={Burghers, Burglars, and Masturbators: The Sovereign Spender in the Age of Consumerism},
  author={David Bennett},
  journal={New Literary History},
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If we follow the dictates of reason we try to acquire all kinds of goods, we work in order to increase the sum of our possessions . . . use all means to get richer and to possess more. Our status in the social order is based on this sort of behaviour. But when the fever of sex seizes us we behave in the opposite way. We recklessly draw on our strength and sometimes in the violence of passion we squander considerable resources to no real purpose. . . . [W]e always want to be sure of the… 
Battle of Pornography: Philosophy and the Fate of the Absolute
Throughout the essay the terms ‘pornography’ and ‘philosophy’ are rendered synonymous in the sense that philosophy exhibits a pornographic character, a unique way of looking into the thing itself
The Fetish-Logic of Bourgeois Subjectivity, or, The Truth the Romantic Poet Reveals about the Victorian Novel
REVEREND JOHN Todd in his Student’s Manual (1835) offers a perfect example of the sort of pathologization of Romantic poetry that I explore in my recently completed book, The Perversity of Verse. An
Blood on the Trading Floor
F inancial crises are the signal events of our time. Globally disseminated via an advanced technological architecture; generated by the actions of disparate agents arrayed across sprawling, anonymous
Ernest Dichter, Motivation Research and the ‘Century of the Consumer’
The autumn of 1938 was stormy and violent. All over the world, there was an air of anticipation, an atmosphere also filled with anxiety and uncertainty. Commentators in East and West divined change,
Ways in, Ways Out: Theorizing the Kantian Body
A self-confessed hypochondriac, Immanuel Kant was prolific on the topic of his own corporeality, diligently recording the details of his ‘Di‰tetik’–a physical regimen intended to ensure long life.
Masculinity, Pornography, and the History of Masturbation
This article takes as its starting point the observation that contemporary pornography is, in a significant sense, about masturbation. This connection has been largely ignored in recent research on
Essai sur le politique en tant que forme de la dépense
La plupart des chroniques consacrees aux guerres africaines sous-estiment la centralite que celles-ci ont fini par prendre dans la representation que le sujet africain contemporain se fait de la vie,


The Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts
from talent, etc., by force. Physical, immediate possession is the only purpose of life nd existence as far as this communism is concerned; the category of worker is not abolished but extended to all
“Civilization” and its discontents
During the summer of 1929, Freud worked on what became this seminal volume of twentieth-century thought. It stands as a brilliant summary of the views on culture from a psychoanalytic perspective
Studies in the Psychology of Sex
  • H. Ellis
  • Psychology
    Bristol Medico-Chirurgical Journal (1883)
  • 1900
?Sexual Inversion. Pp. xvii., 204. London: The University Press. 1897. Vol.11.?The Evolution of Modesty. The Phenomena of Sexual Periodicity. Ante-Erotism. Pp. vii., 313. Leipzig: The University
The Frightful Consequences of Onanism: Notes on the History of a Delusion
In the library of Edinburgh University there is a copy of an anonymous pamphlet named Onania,1 which from its first appearance at the beginning of the XVIIIth century, ran to at least nineteen
Rules of desire: sex in Britain: World War I to the present
This book tells the history of the changing sexual attitudes of 20th-century Britain: the free love debate, the sex psychologists, the bright young things, homosexual life in the thirties, secret sex
Freud, Marriage, and Late Viennese Liberalism: A Commentary from 1905
  • J. Boyer
  • Medicine, Sociology
    The Journal of Modern History
  • 1978
From 1885 until 1914 Viennese society was caught in a persistent conflict between newly emerging mass social movements and the established political and intellectual traditions of Viennese Liberalism
Sex and the British: A twentieth-century history
As a wide-ranging survey of British attitudes to scandal and sexual behaviour in this century, this book covers the Edwardian era through World War I and the beginning of contraception, through the
Beyond the Pleasure Principle
In reasoned progression he outlined core psychoanalytic concepts, such as repression, free association and libido. Of the various English translations of Freud's major works to appear in his
Masturbatory insanity: the history of an idea.
  • E. Hare
  • Psychology, Medicine
    The Journal of mental science
  • 1962
A short history of the idea that masturbation is an important cause of mental disorder is given and some of the reasons for the rise and fall of this idea are examined, to examine the peculiar difficulty of refuting causal hypotheses in psychiatry.
On Sexuality : Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality and Other Works
This volume contains all of Freud's major writings on sexuality. It begins with his revolutionary "Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality" (1905). It also includes shorter papers on normal and