Bupropion-induced serum sickness-like reaction.

  title={Bupropion-induced serum sickness-like reaction.},
  author={Robert A McCollom and Dean H T Elbe and Alec H. Ritchie},
  journal={The Annals of pharmacotherapy},
  volume={34 4},
OBJECTIVE To report three cases of serum sickness-like reaction (SSLR) associated with bupropion ingestion. CASE SUMMARY A 27-year-old woman, a 46-year-old man, and a 43-year-old woman presented to our emergency department within a three-week period with symptoms consistent with SSLR. Symptoms consisted of pruritic skin rash, tongue swelling, and arthralgias. All three patients had initiated bupropion therapy within two to three weeks prior to arrival. DISCUSSION This is the second… CONTINUE READING