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Bulut Bilişim: İşletmeler için Fırsatlar ve Zorluklar

  title={Bulut Bilişim: İşletmeler için Fırsatlar ve Zorluklar},
  author={Ibrahim Halil Seyrek},
  journal={Gaziantep University Journal of Social Sciences},
  • I. H. Seyrek
  • Published 1 December 2011
  • Computer Science
  • Gaziantep University Journal of Social Sciences
In today’s business environment, companies use information technology (IT) to improve their productivity and excel in factors like quality, cost, speed and flexibility to stay competitive. In order to leverage the new capabilities that IT provides, companies make large investments in IT every year. But as the capital investments made for IT and operating/maintenance costs associated with IT increase, firms have started to be concerned about these costs and question the value of their IT systems… 
Pivotal Points in Utilizing Cloud Services in Turkey
This study presents an analysis for the IT sector in Turkey to elaborate on a possible set of pivotal points from Cloud Customer and Cloud Service Provider perspectives depending on a survey-based study.
Cloud system in digital human resources management in Turkey
A descriptive method was used in this paper to explain the concept of digitalism in the discussed area and analyse the relationship between cloud system and digital human resources management.
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The existing conditions and problems in the use of the cloud service model in universities were tried to be identified and a road map for solving these problems was drawn up and a hybrid framework for adopting cloud computing in universities was proposed.
  In 2011, Germany kicked off the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) to empower its economy. Since then, revolutionary changes have been implemented all over the world, increasing
Bulut bilisim, hizmetlerin musteriye bir ag uzerinden cihaz ya da lokasyondan bagimsiz olarak sunuldugu bir bilisim teknolojileri hizmet modelidir. Bu model, saglik kurumlarinda, hayati onem tasiyan
The Risks of Cloud Computing in Accounting Field and the Solution Offers: The Case of Turkey
The establishments that provide service for accounting systems by utilizing the cloud computing opportunities in accounting field need to consider the general and countryspecific risks of cloud computing technology and build the necessary technical infrastructure and models in order to run the system flawlessly and to preserve the digital data in a secure environment.
Türkiye’de Otellerin Çevrimiçi Pazarlamasında Kullanılan Bulut Tabanlı Güncel Yazılım Hizmetleri
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It was concluded that military clouds will be indispensible components of the future battlefield and have the potential of improving network centric capabilities, increasing situational awareness at the battlefield and facilitating the settlement of information superiority.


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IT?s shift from an in-house capital asset to a centralized utility service will overturn strategic and operating assumptions, alter industrial economics, upset markets and pose daunting challenges to every user and vendor.
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  • N. Sultan
  • Computer Science
    Int. J. Inf. Manag.
  • 2011
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