Bullying among Italian Middle School Students

  title={Bullying among Italian Middle School Students},
  author={Anna Costanza Baldry},
  journal={School Psychology International},
  pages={361 - 374}
  • A. Baldry
  • Published 1998
  • Psychology
  • School Psychology International
This article illustrates the relevance of combining methods to understand bullying. The aim of the study was twofold. First, to measure the prevalence of bullying in a middle school in Rome by administering a self-report questionnaire. Second, to understand and interpret the results of the questionnaire by adopting a qualitative method. Combining methods can be a useful research method to validate quantitative results and further investigate complex social problems such as bullying in school… Expand
Bullying in School and Violence on the Streets: Are the Same People Involved?
It was found that bullying others in school was strongly linked to violent behaviour and weapon-carrying on the streets, both among boys and girls, and preventive efforts targeting individuals with bullying behaviour in school could decrease violence among adolescents out in the community as well. Expand
'What about bullying?' An experimental field study to understand students' attitudes towards bullying and victimization in Italian middle schools.
  • A. Baldry
  • Medicine, Psychology
  • The British journal of educational psychology
  • 2004
Overall, results indicate students have positive attitudes towards the victims of bullying and tend not to blame them for what has happened, however, same gender identification lead girls to blame male victims more than female victims and the reverse applies in case of boys providing their judgments. Expand
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Epidemiological Pattern of Bullying Among School Children in Mazandaran Province, Iran
Background and Objective: School bullying, the most common type of school violence, comprises a spectrum of aggressive behaviors that involve both perpetrators and victims. The purpose of this studyExpand
Students' perspectives on cyber bullying.
It is concluded that school districts should address cyber bullying through a combination of policies and information that are shared with students and parents and should include cyber bullying as part of their bullying prevention strategies and include classroom lessons that address reporting and bystander behavior. Expand
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Evaluation of an intervention program for the reduction of bullying and victimization in schools
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