Bullous Hemorrhagic Dermatosis: A Case Report

  title={Bullous Hemorrhagic Dermatosis: A Case Report},
  author={Kikkeri Narayanashetty Naveen and Vijetha Rai},
  booktitle={Indian journal of dermatology},
We present a case of hemorrhagic bullous dermatosis occurring in areas distant from the site of injection of enoxaparin. A 88 year old woman was admitted for inter trochantric fracture. She was put enoxaparin 60mg subcutaneous 12 hrly for deep vein thrombosis. After 5 days she developed huge hemorrhagic bulla on left leg and multiple hemorrhagic bullae at other sites distant from injected site. A diagnosis of Bullous hemorrhagic dermatoses due to enoxaparin was made. Enoxaparin was stopped and… CONTINUE READING