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Bulletproofs : Efficient Range Proofs for Confidential Transactions

  title={Bulletproofs : Efficient Range Proofs for Confidential Transactions},
  author={Benedikt B{\"u}nz and Jonathan Bootle and D. Boneh and A. Poelstra and Pieter Wuille and G. Maxwell},
  • Benedikt Bünz, Jonathan Bootle, +3 authors G. Maxwell
  • Published 2017
  • We propose Bulletproofs, a new non-interactive zero-knowledge proof protocol with very short proofs and without a trusted setup; the proof size is only logarithmic in the witness size. Bulletproofs are especially well suited for efficient range proofs on committed values: they enable proving that a committed value is in a range using only 2 log2pnq ` 9 group and field elements, where n is the bit length of the range. Proof generation and verification times are linear in n. Bulletproofs greatly… CONTINUE READING

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